[ Talks ]
Day 0 / 13.12.2018
03pm (27min)

Do You Speak Machine?

Lara Rouyres
CEO / Visualbot.ai, France

Co-CEO and co-founder of Selectionnist / Visualbot.ai / VP France Digitale
Lara launched a first start-up Dealissime in 2010 which was sold in 2011 to LivingSocial (Amazon group). In 2014, she launched Selectionnist, a start-up specialized in image recognition building major partnerships with the media industry. In 2017, Lara launched Visualbot.ai, a conversational marketing & commerce conversational technology designed for brands, retail & e-commerce players.
Lara was member at French Digital Council beside Axelle Lemaire and since 2017 Lara is Vice-President and Board Member of France Digitale.
Lara is also Business angel and Mentor of start-ups & accelerators like SAP.io Foundry.

Marjolaine Grondin
CEO / Jam, France

Marjolaine Grondin is cofounder and CEO at Jam, the leading chatbot in France. She graduated from Sciences Po before getting into Berkeley University in California where she discovers entrepreneurship. Back in Paris, she joins HEC and founds Jam in 2015 with her associate Loïc. Diploma in the pocket, they raise 1 million euros to boost the growth and build their team.

Jam gets more than 3 millions monthly visitors and is today the first French chat media, 100% Messenger dedicated to young people. Jam is one of Facebook’s wonders, and Marjolaine is part of the Forbes 30 under 30 and the Top Innovators Under 35 from MIT.