[ Talks ]
Day 0 / 14.12.2018
02:15pm (1h35min)

What about us?

- A Creative Mind - by Shun Matsuzaka

- What about our brains - by Fanny Nusbaum

- Our Truth behind AI - by Alexandre Pachulski

- Society - Discussion with Alexandre Pachulski, Raouti Chehih, Paul Duan, Eneric Lopez

- Intervention - by Patrick Albert

- The Debrief

Shun Matsuzaka
Digital Creative Director / McCann Malaysia, Malaysia

Shun is the founder of McCANN MILLENNAILS, a team of 100 like-minded innovators in APAC. Shun also led several projects like inventing the world's first AI creative director and a “brain-wave meditation” AI robot to push the boundaries of human creativity. He relocated to Kuala Lumpur as digital CD and head of McCann Next, the innovations initiative for Malaysian millennials. Besides being a regular speaker at international conferences, Shun has been recognised and rewarded at shows like Spikes Asia, New York Festivals and the Internationalist Awards.

Alexandre Pachulski
Cofounder & Chief Product Officer / Talentsoft, France

Alexandre Pachulski is artificial intelligence specialized and decided to advise companies. He has lead a management practice for 8 years before founding Talentsoft in 2007 (today 600 employees and 9 million users) that provides corporate talent management solutions. Convinced that academics and technologies can change the world, he takes part in the creation of L'Autre Ecole, a school encouraging young talents.

Paul Duan
CEO / Bayes Impact, France

Paul Duan is a social entrepreneur, convinced that thechnology must be used for the greater good. In 2014, he quits his job as datascientist in the Silicon Valley to found Bayes Impact. An NGO that worked on police violence data collection in the Silicon Valley or on the Medicare System improvement in the US. Today, Bayes Impact is Bob, a digital plateform already used to help 150.000 people to find a job in France.

Raouti Chehih
CEO & Chief Adoption officer / EuraTechnologies / Sigfox, France
Fanny Nusbaum
Doctor in Psychology, France

Fanny Nusbaum, doctor in psychology, is a psychologist and associate researcher in psychology and neuroscience at the University of Lyon (P2S Laboratory, EA4129). Specialized in the study and accompaniment of intelligences, she is founder and director of the PSYRENE Center (PSYchologie, REcherche & NEurosciences), for the evaluation, the diagnosis and the development of potentials, thanks to the expert work of her team of psychologists, neuropsychologists and psychopedagogues. Together, they accompany patients of all ages with assessment tools (tests and scales) and techniques such as hypnosis, neuro-feedback, mindfulness meditation, CBT or virtual reality. In 2011, she created PSYRENE-Events, for the organization of congresses and meetings dedicated to the intelligence and development of potential. She is also an initiator and designer, for several years, of studies in neuroscience on intelligence from the model of "philocognition" she has developed and of a book that comes soon to be published by Editions Odile Jacob. Finally, in 2018, she founded the PSYRENE-for-Intelligence Endowment Fund, which supports scientific research projects and excellence projects on biological / human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Patrick Albert
Founder / CommonAIs, France

Scientist and entrepreneur, Patrick Albert is an expert in terms of artificiel Intelligence. He has a PhD from Bull Research Center and created KOOL, one of the first artifcial intelligence language dedicated to solving configuration issues. He then cofounded Bull CEDIAG, which initiated the commercial offer of the group in terms of artificial intelligence. He quit the company in 1987, judging the organization too slow and bureaucratic, to be CTO and co-founder of ILOG, one of the first French startups, which progressively became a world leader in the Artificial Industry. ILOG was acquired in 2009 by IBM, where Patrick founded the IBM France Center for Advanced Studies in Paris. He quit IBM in 2014 to dedicate himself to the development of the AI ecosystem in France and in Europe. He takes the stage in Research Institutes, Tech academies and ministries, and companies. He then founded and chaired HUB France IA to promote a strong European and French AI industry, then CommonAIs to produce Commun Numérique IA : a world artificial intelligence free and ethical, made by all for all. Crypto-enthusiast, Patrick is member of the Bitcoin Foundation since 2013. He received the Social and Solidarity Economy Prize from la Ville de Paris in 2015 for the creation of a cooperative for young scientists employment.

Eneric Lopez
Directeur de l’Intelligence Artificielle et développeurs / Microsoft, France