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Vincent Druguet

Wunderman Groupe Paris,

Over the last 20 years, Vincent has worked for many european clients in 3 major digital agencies. He has a large experience in strategy, brand management and digital transformation consulting (digital marketing, business, CRM, technology). Ha was in charge of one of the biggest european digital account: Nissan Europe (26 countries, more than 100 people hired), and has launched the Excellence Center "connected business / crosschannel marketing" at DigitasLbi. In 2015, he co-writes "Connected Business: How digital revolutionized points of sale" witj Jean-Baptiste Vallet. He joins Wunderman in 2015 as CEO to reposition the agency which strategy is "Creativity Driven. Data Inspired". The agency has gained more than 10 clients between 2017 and 2018 and numeroux rewards. In 2017, the agency acquired Conexance (data, scoring) and 2sales in 2018, two acquisitions that allow Wunderman Group to expand its expertise to creative advertising, web & e-commerce platforms, CRM, data & technology consulting.