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Emmanuel De Saint Bon

General Manager

Emmanuel is 48 yearsold. He graduated in the first of his class from ISG, and joind successively Mars and Henkel groups, in sales and marketing. In 2002, he founds his first company, Watisit. Pioneer in Mobile Marketing, Watisit contracts quickly with famous telecommunication, food, perfumery, and transportation brands. In 2006, he and his associate sell Watisit to Publicis and become Associates at Publicis Dialog. Two years later, he took a few months to cross the United States with his family. In California, He has the idea to create the Roxane Company, an e-reputation and Social Media agency. He got his first fundraising in 2009, and a second one in 2016. The agency advises world companies, leaders in the banking and insurances, travelling, services and telecommunication sectors.