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Youssef Cheikhi

Groupement des Annonceurs du Maroc,

Young, ambitious, smart, discreet and perceptive ... At the age of 37, Youssef Cheikhi was recently lead to head the group of Moroccan advertisers (GAM) for a three-year term, a club that brings together advertisers, both private and public. He's part of his club through his role of Communication Director of the OFPPT (Office for Vocational Training and Work Promotion). He is know as an expert in exchanges, debates and brainstorming that generates innovative ideas in the fields represented by the GAM: marketing, communication, advertising, digital, media and training. He also took part in the increasing success of the last two editions of African Digital Summit, the famous annual event that celebrates innovation and digitalization in the African continent. With promptness and abnegation, he does not fail to respond to the requests of his colleagues with whom he shares the passion for marketing, communication, digital and the media.